Hardigg Rackmount- Mac Rack
  MAC Rack—Compact, lightweight, & shockproof transports

  Mobile, Accessible, Compact. Hardigg’s MAC Rack Cases give you the greatest protection in the   least amount of space. Lightweight and boasting a smaller footprint than our other rack mount   cases, they are ideal for safeguarding delicate equipment against the effects of shock, vibration,   moisture, and impact—particularly where space and weight are critical considerations. MAC Racks   are also perfect for moving sensitive gear down the hall or shipping it around the world.
  Provides less fragile equipment with good protection from shock and vibration in a compact case

  •Ideal for gear weighing 20-200 lbs. and a fragility between 50-80 G’s
  •Typically used for:
      • Solid-state electronics
      • Radar and microwave antennas
      • Control consoles
      • Radio, TV, and communication equipment