The STANEX case is constructed of the special salt-water resistant lightweight aluminum alloy   exclusively produced for EDAK. Custom Sizes are easily handled since our cases are not molded or   deep drawn. EDAK STANEX cases are spray water tight.

  STANEX for Storage

  The STANEX transport case is unsurpassed for dependable storage and transportation in any   environment. Because of our ability to manufacture any size in any quantity we can supply the   case to your exact requirements. STANEX transport cases are used for commercial and military   applications around the world.

  Application Examples

  • Test Equipment, Radio Equipment
  • Tools, Spare Parts
  • Laboratory Appliances
  • Delicate Instruments, Medical Instruments, and Field Hospitals
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Valuables, Currency, Securities   

   For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures.

Download STANEX Brochure N. America

Download STANEX Brochure rest of world