Hardigg Single Lid Cases

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  All single-lid cases feature:

  Molded-in, tongue-in-groove gasketed parting lines for splash resistance and tight seals, even   after impact
  Reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection
  Hardigg’s patented Comfort Grip Handles
  Recessed hardware for extra protection
  Positive anti-shear locks, which prevent lid separation after impact, and reduce stress on   hardware
  Molded-in ribs and corrugations for secure, non-slip stacking, columnar strength, and added   protection
  Permanent, uniform, molded-in color that won’t scrape off
  Patented molded-in metal inserts for catch and hinge attachment points, which provide strength   and spread loads to the container walls
  One-piece construction, molded from lightweight, high-impact polyethylene

  In addition, the following options are available:

  Airtight/watertight system: Includes a pressure relief valve and gasketing hardware to safely   maintain correct pressure differential.
  All-catch: Case hinges are replaced with wing/turn catch-strike pairs, allowing lid to be   completely removed.
  Card holder: Metal shipping-card holder riveted to the exterior of case. Two sizes: 2-3/8" x   5-  3/8" (60 x 136 mm) and 4" x 6" (102 x 152 mm).
  Caster sets – removable: Available in sets of four, these are attached with rugged mounting   hardware or with Hardigg’s FastClip™ mounting plate system.
  Custom cushioning: Interior protective options include foam-lined, foam-filled, or custom-cut   foam.
  Edge casters: Allow the case to be wheeled in a cart-like fashion. Each heavy-duty caster   wheel is encased in a durable cast aluminum housing designed to resist impact and rough   handling. Not available on all case sizes.
  Handles: Molded polyethylene Comfort Grip Handles are available in two sizes: the Model 75,   rated to 75 lbs. per handle, and the Model 150, rated to 150 lbs. The Model 150 has a 90° stop,   while the Model 75 has a non-integral stop. Extra 90°-stop metal handles are also available, in   zinc- plate yellow-chromate, stainless steel, and stainless steel black passivated finish.
  Grab ‘N Roll™: Add a telescoping handle and wheels to convert nearly any single-lid case to a   Grab ‘N Roll™.
  Grab ‘N Roll™ combination lock: Integrated three-digit combination lock provides extra security   for Grab ‘N Roll™ cases.
  FlangeMount Cases : Available molded-in support shelf and threaded inserts provide additional   protection for panel-mounted equipment.
  Forklift bash plates: Mounted on the bottom of a case, these plates help prevent accidental   forklift damage.
  Forklift Skid-Runners: One-piece molded Skid-Runners provide clearance for forklift tines and   pallet jacks.
  Hardware – Stainless steel: Recommended for applications where the standard zinc-plate or   zinc alloy finishes are unsuitable, such as excessive saltwater or chemical environments.
  Hardware – Stainless steel, black: Used for the same applications as stainless steel hardware,   but is non-reflective.
  Hardware – Zinc: Zinc coating over steel. Provides longest service life and best resistance to   degradation from environmental factors.
  Hinged lid: Wire and hinge attachment that holds lid securely open at 90°.
  Humidity indicator: Indicates 20 percent, 30 percent, and 40 percent relative humidity ranges.   Three-part face changes color when inside humidity exceeds the indicated level. As humidity   decreases, the indicator resets for future use. Recommended for airtight cases only.
  ID plates: I.A.W. MIL-P-15024, Type H, Style IV, Size 10.4" x 4" x .020" (102 x 102 x 0.5 mm)   thick aluminum, fastener attached to your case. Text font is News Gothic Bold.
  Labels – front: A set of two "front" labels is affixed to the case, one on the base and one on the   lid, in the latch wells.
  Labels – standard: Each label set includes: Delicate Unit, Handle with Care, and up arrows.
  Lifting/tie-down rings: Welded, spring-loaded rings provide hoisting and tie-down attachment   points with two-inch diameter clearance for hooks, and can pivot 180°. Available in plated steel   or stainless steel.
  Locking cable catch/hasp: Allows the case to be padlocked shut. Cable is tamper-resistant   aircraft steel (padlock not included).
  Reverse application: Case orientation is reversed: the lid becomes the base and vice versa. The   lid has stacking indents instead of stacking ribs. No charge for this option.
  Valve – Fill/Purge: Supplied with an inner tube valve core, recommended for pressurization of   case. Housing and cap are black anodized aluminum alloy. Recommended for use with Purge Valve   option.
  Manual Pressure Relief Valve: Recommended for equalization or air relief. Recommended for use   with the Fill Valve option.
  Custom stenciling: Per MIL-I-43553. Available in black, white, and yellow, depending on the   color of the case. One ink color per case.
  Interior Foam Cushioning Options
  Our single-lid cases can be shipped empty, foam-lined, or foam-filled with multilayer polyurethane   or solid polyethylene foam. For more intricate designs, Hardigg’s computer-controlled die cutting   and waterjet foam cutting systems can quickly and accurately reproduce complex, curved, and   detailed shapes. Antistatic polyurethane and polyethylene foams are also available, which inhibit   static build-up and help disperse any static charge.