Litex Features


  The LITEX LD value case offers an economical and light weight solution for your transport and   storage needs. Our Light Duty (LD) cases are built tough for most commercial and consumer   applications.

  These cases have superior volume to weight ratio, making them much lighter than comparable   cases made of other materials. LITEX LD cases are manufactured from a tough yet light weight   aluminum alloy. These cases are stackable and are available in standard sizes (stackable with   competitor cases).
  The LITEX LD value case can be customized with foam lining or inserts and painted to your color   choice.

  LITEX-LD Features

  The LITEX LD Value case comprises of a body and a hinged lid. The body has a perimeter   reinforcement around the top frame. The lid uses the same perimeter reinforcement for   dependable performance.

  • Stackable Corners (compatible with competitive cases)
  • Hinged Covers
  • Spring Loaded Handles
  • Profile frame for reliability
  • Constructed from Aluminum 0.40” (1mm) thick
  • Durable for Consumer and Business Use
  • The top frame has a rubber gasket installed for water resistance.
  • Accessories include Foam and installation of a 2 Wheel removable trolley with handle (on all cases)

  For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures.

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