Cover Heat
  Cover Air   Conditioner

  Multi-User Air   Conditioner

KOOLEX  Multi-use Air Conditioner

  Compressor Transit Case Multi-power or DC only.
  The KOOLEX CTC is engineered for military use both in vehicles and in stationary installations. The   KOOLEX CTC allows the user to use it in many places with the only limitation being available   electrical power. The KOOLEX CTC is not limited to AC power, as it also works with 28 VDC power.   As an option, the KOOLEX CTC can be ordered in a DC only version.


  Additional Specifications

  • Connects to KOOLEX Mobile Power
  • CFC-free R134a refrigerant
  • Operates in vehicles, aircraft or
    stationary installations
  • IP 65 dust, water spray and moisture-proof
  • MIL-STD 810F compliant

Operating Range:

  • Cooling: highest surrounding temperature 60 °C


  Temperature Controlled Transit Case

  The KOOLEX TC is a high power portable unit for both heating and cooling of electronics   during   transport, operation or storage.

Connection of up to 4 Transit cases to a single TC Server
The distinctive feature of the KOOLEX TC is its ability to maintain individual preset temperatures in up to four cases simultaneously. It has the capability to heat and satisfies even the most severe cooling requirements. The design is based on a compressor and condenser in a 8U MILEX transit case (TC server) that is connected to the evaporators in the covers (TC covers) of the cases requiring temperature control. Fans circulate the cool air throughout the cases. Three different performance ratings are available for the TC covers ranging from 500 W to 2000 W for cooling and 800 W for heating. The KOOLEX TC offers the same level of protection to shock, vibration and environment as the MILEX transit case.

  TC Server:
  • IP 65
  • MIL-STD-810F compliant
  • CFC-free R134a refrigerant

Operating Range:

  • heating: lowest surrounding temperature –40 °C
  • cooling: highest surrounding temperature 55 °C