Carrying Handles

  • The number of carrying handles is optional. Load capacity of each handle is 110 pounds. A rubber grip is provided for user comfort. The handles are securely mounted with rivets, using aircraft fabrication methods.

  Corner Reinforcements for Stacking

  • Galvanized steel corner reinforcements are riveted to the case bottom and covers to provide additional strength and protection, and positive stacking.
  • STANEX cases can withstand a stacked load of 2,645 lbs / 1200 kg
  • Two cases can be tilted to an angle of 15 degrees without lateral slip

  Stirrup Latches

  • Specially designed stirrup latches are used to insure positive fastening and security locking of the lid.

  Product Testing

  Drop Test

  • STANEX lightweight aluminum cases containing a net weight of 220 pounds can withstand a fall from 48 inches onto a hard surface without sustaining damage which impairs normal function.

  Spray Water and Dust Test

  • Spray water and dust protection conforms to test standard IEC 529

  Additional Features

  Foam Lining

  • We offer general foam lining at a depth of 1" to 2", or with cushioning configured specifically for your payload based on the fragility and dimension of the equipment


  • Natural aluminum or spray-coated finish available