Milex Standard


 Milex Advantage

Transit Cases

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  The MILEX case is a water and dust proofed, shock and vibration absorbing transit case for
  19“ electronics. MILEX transit cases are NATO approved and are designed to meet the rigid
  requirements of U.S. MIL specifications and other MIL standards. Together with a large range of   accessories such as cooling systems, racks, drawers and slides, MILEX transit cases represent   the most comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics. MILEX   transit cases are made exactly to customers specifications. EDAK has developed a unique   expertise in designing and custom manufacturing to deliver the right quality for your solution on   time.

  The high strength housings and covers are made of Peraluman 350, a salt-water resistant   aluminum alloy exclusively produced for EDAK. This allows EDAK to produce one of the strongest   and lightest weight cases in use today.