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  MILEX transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL-STD-810F and other   appropriate military standards for a product of this kind. The MILEX case represents the most   comprehensive line available today for the safe packaging of mobile electronics. MILEX cases are   designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of environmental protection required by   the equipment being contained and transported. This provides the maximum protection while also   affording other essential and desirable features.

  The size of the MILEX case is determined by the size of the equipment demands. However, due to   the positioning of the EDAK shock mounts the space between the inner chassis and outer shell is   minimized with equal or better shock and vibration properties. This feature means that the overall   dimension of MILEX cases is as small as it can be without sacrificing protective characteristics.

  The precise equipment weight, fragility and drop height is determined and the specific type and   number of shock mounts are specified for that load and configuration. This guarantees the safe   transport of your instrumentation. Furthermore, the high strength housings and covers are made   of Peraluman 350, a salt-water resistant aluminum alloy exclusively produced for EDAK.

  For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures.

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