Milex Standard


 Milex Advantage


  The standard MILEX-HM case is a standard 19“ MILEX case without a shock mounted chassis. It   is for applications where shock protection is not critical but all other levels of protection of the   19“ MILEX case are maintained. Outside dimensions are equivalent to the 19“ MILEX-case.

  MILEX-HM transit cases are designed to meet the rigid requirements of MIL specifications and   other MIL standards. The hardmount is designed for applications requiring protection from all   elements except shock & vibration. MILEX-HM cases use the same aluminum sheet shell process   as our MILEX cases. Therefore, if you need a size that's not industry standard, no worries! This   ability means that the overall footprint dimension of your case is as small as it can be without   sacrificing protection.


  MILEX-HM transit cases are designed to carry and protect flange-mount equipment. Typical   applications are: Military and high reliability Commercial Mobile fielded instrumentation equipment   exposed to hostile environments. Milex-HM provides the same MILEX Advantage with a non-shock   mounted case.

  Design Characteristics

  • Compact and rugged aluminum construction
  • Front loading & top loading designs
  • Recessed handles and closures
  • Positive stacking provisions (Type A)
  • Covers easily removed from stacked cases (Type A)
  • Compliant to MIL Spec. 4150 & 28800
  • Variety of standard sizes

  For a list of standard weights and sizes, please download our brochures.

  Download MILEX Brochure N. America