Milex Standard


 Milex Advantage


  MILEX transit cases are designed to carry and protect electronic and associated equipment in a   19“ shock mounted chassis.

  Typical applications are:
     •  Military and high reliability commercial usage
     •  Mobile, field equipment exposed to hostile environments
     •  Airborne equipment
     •  Shipboard equipment


     •  Mechanical stress such as vibration and shocks
     •  Climatic stress such as rain, snow, hail, humidity, heat, dust and wind driven
         sand according IP 65 as per EN 60529 (MIL-STD-4150, MIL-STD-28800, MIL-STD-810)
     •  Electronic stress such as electromagnetic interference (EMI), RFI

  Design Characteristics

  • Superior volume/weight ratio compared to plastic, composite or wood cases
  • Compact and rugged aluminum construction
  • Superior use of space due to tight radius of shell and minimal space
    between shell and chassis compared to plastic, composite or wood cases
  • Recessed handles and closures
  • Positive stacking provisions even for housings of different outer dimensions
  • Compliant to MIL-STD-4150 and MIL-STD-28800
  • Calibration of shock mounts corresponding to equipment weight
    and/or environmental specifications
  • Housings and covers are made of Peraluman 350, a salt-water resistant
    aluminum alloy exclusively produced for EDAK

  Variety of Standard Sizes

  • 2 U to 24 U height (1 U = 44.45 mm)
  • 19“ chassis and half 19“ chassis
  • Housing standard depths – 219, 350, 480, 610, 762 mm
  • Covers standard depths – 63, 103, 153 mm
  • Other sizes available (Custom sizes available and easily accommodated)

  A large selection of standard accessories allow for component storage and mounting of drawers   and trays with or without telescopic slides. Covers provide extra space for pouches, cable coils,   windows and recessed connector trays, closed compartments, mobile Dolly, and much more.

  • Components for storage and mounting: drawers and trays with or without
    telescopic slides
  • Covers with pouches for cable coils, windows, louvres and recessed connector trays
  • Skirt seal to provide weatherproofing with covers removed
  • Racks for case mounting
  • Heaters, coolers, air conditioners